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Co is a tool for more effective & democratic collaboration.


— facilitates rapid and agile consensus building  

— explores and tests new ways to collaborate in a safe and familiar environment  


— elevates any group with democracy as a core value: co-ops, review platforms, student groups, teams of all shapes and sizes  

The Short Story:


Co is Google Docs, but everyone is in "suggesting" mode. Everyone can make suggestions for changes to the document, but to implement a change, it  needs to get voted in by the group.

Tom Stoppard wrote that democracy is isn't in the voting, it's in the counting. The algorithm to determine what votes a suggestion needs in order to be implemented is customizable to different groups, goals, and contexts.

We're building out a suite of features to further customize the tool to any working group.

A Little Background:

I originally had this idea leading up to the 2016 US elections. The national conversation wasn’t about voting for a candidate so much as voting against a candidate. Congress was seeing its worst approval ratings ever. I started asking why, in the era of fast information, we still need to rely on representatives— that train of thought led to Co.

While the idea came from blue sky thinking, it's grounded in practical applications. Co has from the beginning tendered the believe that we, the people can be trusted. We know what we need, and we can serve each other better by working together. Democracy CAN work.

Does this Resonate?

I'm looking for help building this out! Let me know if you want to be involved.

The project has already been featured in the Core77 Design awards, been featured in Make: Magazine, been covered by Wheaton & Dartmouth Colleges, and by Coding it Forward.